Peer Review: Mastro Gaming & The Catch Up

Mastro Gaming – Alexander Mastronardi

Pitch available here

Your pitch makes the direction of the project clear. The audio quality is great, and the transitions to content outside the powerpoint keep it interesting. Concept, methodology and utility all make sense.

Building your ‘brand’ should be a focus, given the competitive/saturated field of FIFA content creators. As you’ve stated, positioning your persona to lean heavily on expert knowledge should help differentiate you from the crowd, but keep in mind it means you need walk the walk to legitimise it. Additionally, ensure that the persona you create is one that audiences want to watch – generally, negativity and/or being boring is going to drive people away unless you’ve got truly godlike game skills.

In a past DA, I worked with Twitch, and found this guide really helpful (download the PDF!). The Twitch information might be helpful, but the real value comes from the way it steps you through the choices you’ll have to make, as well as persona, networking and growing your audience.

Keep on making content in the leadup to the release of FIFA 20, as you want to get the audience snowball rolling as large as possible before it happens. Getting the initial attention you need to start building a community will probably be the hardest part. Getting over that hump early should position you for maximum growth once the game releases. This might help with the Youtube channel itself.

Consider boosting some of your content, paticularly the youtube videos to start off with, just to get yourself into algorithms and looking legit. With that said, natural growth is the only feasible option in the long run, so I’d suggest networking with other creators in the scene ASAP. It’s the most common way I’ve discovered new channels in the past.

Cross posting content from all your media contact points will maximise your reach – notify everyone of new content on Youtube, or streams via Twitter, IG and Reddit (keeping in mind each subs self promotion rules). You can expand upon the current transmedia experience by further repurposing content – adapt the transcripts from your video tutorials and use them as reddit posts, or vice versa. Reddit comments on other people’s threads can become video content, and screenshots from those videos can become IG content, etc.

Keen to follow on, especially once you hit launch day!

The Catch Up – Aysha Morrison

Pitch available here

Your pitch explains the concept and utility well, and the slides aren’t over-crammed with information. I would add a little bit of methodology info in the text post, just to clarify the recording and editing process.

I really like the concept of your different generational viewpoints playing off each other -it comes across as really genuine. In the first episode you posted, your generational differences in opinion result in some really novel conversation. I suggest doubling down on that chemistry and trying to find a way to insert it into each episode somehow. It’s a dynamic that’ll help you stand out from other podcasts.

Using twitter polls to outsource topics is a great idea, but I think you should also consider actively trying to expand your audience. Most of the google hits for podcast promotion seem to return the same 10 or so tips, but this might be helpful. I think the most interesting point is that the majority of podcast consumption happens through Apple’s platform. My understanding is that you’ll need to purchase hosting in order to get on iTunes however – see here and here. Also consider uploading to Spotify, which has a growing podcast library.

I agree with your hunch on podcast length. I’ve done some podcasting with the DMS, and longer podcasts seem like too much of a commitment for audiences. The sound is a bit too quiet in both your pitch and podcast ep 1. I’m not sure if you currently are using one, but the zoom microphones from the tech office in building 25 are great for podcasts. It took us ages to figure out the settings first time though, so I’d suggest going through a quickstart guide.

You can also use the normalise/compression and amplify effects to increase the volume of your original recording, as well as clean up background noise etc. Here’s a tutorial for that, YMMV with settings though – keep in mind your voice is quite different to his.

The pacing in the first episode sticks to a good speed, especially in the second half once you’ve both warmed up. If you wanted to take a heavier approach to editing, you could probably cut out some umms/silence, but I think it’s subtle enough to ignore, and should be less of an issue as you continue to record.

Can’t wait to hear some more of your Mum’s wisdom/banter!


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