The Next Iteration of Society

Recently, I came across ‘Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age’, and decided to create a summarised video version.

As a global society, we have climbed from the ‘first wave’ economies that rely on land and farms. Then, we innovated our way through the industrial, automated ‘second wave’, redesigning society to better mesh with the world we had created.

Now, societies across the world are grappling with growing pains, as we evolve into a ‘third wave’, where information is the ultimate goal.

Like with the industrial revolution, many are opposed, and cannot fathom the idea of re-structuring the way our societies work. But, whether we want to or not, this will happen – it’s only a question of how.

As society morphs into its new shape, and the rules are adjusted, the growing pains will fade to a dull ache, and eventually disappear.

Until our innovation leads to the ‘fourth wave’ of course.


2 Replies to “The Next Iteration of Society”

  1. Society entering its third wave. I’m wondering if this is this the best economy lol like would i rather value land or labour more than information and networks. Would it be more simple? Probably, but the ways in which people are finding new ways to be creative and authentic with the rise of the internet astounds me!

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    1. It’s the next logical step – an ‘evolution’ of society. In that way, it must be the ‘best’ economy – like you said, the innovation we are experiencing now is happening at a faster rate than ever. We just have to lean how to surf the wave!

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