3D Printing – a Convergence of Craft

Once upon a time, people created all their products by hand, and each resulting piece was unique.elv02w

Then, we figured out that technology that could produce identical pieces on a massive, efficient scale.wn9qre

Now, we exist in an interesting time, where the technology is accessible to everyday people. This technology is being used to create unique crafts on a small scale – a convergence of the past two production methods.qjklm7

More importantly though, is the ability to modify crafts created by others. The remediation of a piece, and its subsequent message, allows for layering of new meanings and messages, all building upon the context of the original.

3D printing is a perfect example of this remix culture phenomenon – schematics for designs are uploaded by users online, and edited or built upon by other users, who in turn upload these designs. Designs can be repurposed and applied to different projects than the original creator could’ve imagined – all possible because of the open, sharable medium of 3D model files, which encouraged the growth of the collaborative community existing today.

The existence of this 3D printing network as a medium of expression suggests that society is moving towards a convergent future, possibly where almost everything will be available for adapting or remixing.

Featured Image – Wikimedia Commons



4 Replies to “3D Printing – a Convergence of Craft”

  1. Really interesting post! Your focus on 3D printing reflects how far as a society we’ve come in transforming the concept of ‘craft’!. Also, your comments on the mass production of industrial products is also a good point as it is the way of the future and will mean that crafts as we know it will be more modernised and convey a message through a different medium. The addition of gifs also added to the post as it was helpful in envisioning/complimenting your text so that as readers we could picture exactly what you were talking about! Made me think about another perspective of crafts for sure!


  2. Hi there, great blogpost. It was a really good idea for you to have an example of the 3D printing to give people a better understanding of what comes from this technological greatness. You gave a good understanding of the medium is the message. Your gifs were creative and defiantly gave more information in what you were talking about. You could of put a little bit of stuff in to make your blog a little more entertaining, weather that be through your writing or your remediations. Overall really great blog.


  3. Hi there! Firstly great content. I really enjoyed your use of GIFs to illustrate examples of your text. It helps the reader identify the message you are trying to convey. I agree with your statement regarding the ‘ability to modify’ craft and change the overall message by doing so. It is a rather interesting concept, to think that an original piece of art can be reinterprited and manipulated by anyone within the 3D community. What starts off as ones ‘own’ artwork quickly turns into a collaboration.


  4. Hey Sunny, great post. If I were to be a reader who had no idea about McLuhan’s principle I feel as if it would still be extremely easy to comprehend the concept which you are talking about. This is the case due to your clear articulate writing as well your great use of gif’s and hyperlinks. These additions to your post allow the reader to visually digest content and have easy access to further sources which explain the concept in more depth. Trying to think of constructive criticism for your post was quite a difficult task, I have nothing to say other than maybe using an example which could be more relevant to the reader. Other than that 10/10 blog post.


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