Research Proposal -The Future of Student Accommodation

As part of the BCM212 subject, I will be conducting research into the future of universities. I plan to focus on the future of university accommodation in Australia, and the ways it could be improved for future students.

Personal context has played a large part in my topic selection. I am currently living on university accommodation for the second year in a row, and love the many experiences it has presented me with. I am also a student leader on said accommodation, where my job is to look after the wellbeing of residents and foster a strong, inclusive community for all.

I have found myself in this context due to my curiosity – Moving across the country to a university in a place I knew nothing about, and staying there with a crowd of strangers was a leap of faith, driven in part by an urge to find a new lifestyle. Then, once I settled, I started to wonder how the logistics of the accommodation worked, how things worked in the background, and where funds were allocated. This lead to my current position as a student leader.
Now, with a (somewhat) inside knowledge of how uni accommodation can work, I have started pondering how it could be improved. Improvement can take many forms, and uncovering different types of improvement will be part of the research. Findings will likely point to a demand for a mixture of social initiatives and infrastructure updates.

The research approach taken will be a mix of primary and secondary research. I will attempt to interview university representatives, students that are participating in similar research, and individuals that are knowledgeable about university accommodation across the world. As well as this I will survey, and possibly interview students that live on campus accommodation to gather ideas for improvement. This also will help determine the most popular initiatives.
Secondary research will be conducted on university accommodation in Australia and across the world, to discover how other universities are improving the lives of residents, and whether these ideas could be utilised elsewhere.

To summarise – I plan on researching ways that student accommodation can be improved for future students. I am interested in the improvement of student accommodation, as I live on and help run an accommodation site. Research will be conducted through primary and secondary methods, mixing interviews, surveys etc. with online research.

Featured Image – University of Exeter





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