BCM112 – Reigniting the Creative Spark

I’ve always felt drawn towards the idea of producing my own content. When I was little I would steal the family camcorder and make videos about anything I could find. I’d chase the chickens around, harass the local wildlife and film movies around the local neighbourhood with my friends. Thankfully all that content was lost on a hard drive crash years ago.

Somewhere along the line, something came along and extinguished the creative spark. I’m not 100% sure what it was, (probably a mixture of growing up and trying to fit in) but I fell into the trap of assuming it wasn’t a valid career path, and pushed the idea to the side.

Eventually, I made it to uni, and decided to do a commerce degree. However, the old creative spark remained smouldering in the back of my head, and I opted to pick up a communications and media degree along with commerce. It seemed a little excessive to do both, but the moment I walked into BCM110, the intro media subject, I knew it was the right decision.

Now, starting BCM112 (Convergent Media Practices), the idea behind the subject is to create a digital artefact – a creative digital media project. This is literally what I have always wanted to do, but never had a valid ‘excuse’ to do. The introductory lecture dealt with this, explaining that I shouldn’t need an excuse to create, and it re-ignited the spark from long ago.

One of the main principles behind BCM112 is FEFO – Fail Early, Fail Often. Funnily enough, this means I’ll be going full circle, back to making terrible and embarrassing content.
This is ok though, as its all part of the learning process.

Lets just hope the videos are better than the ones I made when I was eight.

Photo: OrangeHD.com


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