Why am I here? 

What am I doing here? When I was little, I would sit in front of the T.V watching cartoons and kids programs. One day, my parents sat behind me on the couch, and I got really self aware about what was on the T.V. Were Mum and Dad judging me? Were they enjoying this cartoon? It definitely wasn’t aimed at them. This was the start of my interest in the media. Mum was always extremely wary of advertising on the T.V, and naturally, her attempts to shelter me from the media’s ‘subtle mental manipulation’ only spiked my interest in advertising, and through that, the media and its production in general.

‘Subtle media manipulation’


This fascination never really amounted to much, until I got a little older, and started understanding shows like ‘The Gruen Transfer’, and ‘Media Watch’. Political campaigns, character assassinations and high profile media events like the News of the World phone hacking scandal built upon this, until I knew that this was something I wanted to pursue.

As well as this, social media, forums, communities and online other forms of communication have always been an interest. The many connections and the way information spreads so rapidly around the world, the way certain content works its way to the top, viral videos and memes, group mentality, out of touch businesses on social media…. This world has drawn me in. This is probably fuelled by some deep seeded need to be popular, and an end goal of wanting to be ‘known’. Someone lives forever through their legacy, and I would hate to spend all this time on earth just to die another grain of sand. Not necessarily famous, but a well know personality. Known for what yet I couldn’t tell you.

Upon finishing year 12, I felt that UOW would be the best choice of uni, as they offered the commerce/communications & media degree, but also presented a less stressful environment than a Sydney uni, while maintaining the respect of a Sydney uni.

A little bit nicer than most of Sydney

When I sat down in the first lecture and the ‘Game of Thrones’ intro began playing, I knew I was in the right place, I’ve been learning in school all my life, but now I’m in the position to learn about something that really fascinates me.

And I love it. That is why I’m here.


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